Mobile Translator

Mobile Translator 4.00.0519

Over 2000 phrases for instant translation between 6 languages!

The Mobile Translator is an excellent communication tool for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Small, compact, and packed with key phrases in day-to-day situations, this is a definite asset to anybody needing to communicate with people in another country and in a different language.

Mobile Translator was designed with a team of international translators and allows quick, on-the-fly, translations between any of its six lang-uages. By using a stylus or jog dial on some devices, you can easily switch between languages, categories, words, and phrases.

The software even has a large popup display option for easier reading. Simply select a language and phrase then show your phone to other people that you are trying to communicate with.

Mobile Translator is also the perfect companion for learning key phrases in multiple languages when you have a few minutes to yourself. Rather than carry around a heavy dictionary, use Mobile Translator. You never know when you’ll need a quick translation.

Mobile Translator


Mobile Translator 4.00.0519

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    I do not really like this translator ... Too old! I will prefer online translators, such as this. Free and Easy mobil...   More.